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What is ArmorLPTM ?

Introducing the latest in security deposit bag technology, ArmorLP. No other manufacturer offers small businesses an affordable solution with this level of advanced tamper detection features.

Major bank and armored car carrier approved, the ArmorLP line assists you in developing a tight security atmosphere, expedites bank processing, lowers costs through optimum deposit efficiency and provides an immediate audit trail.

Unlike low-level introductory bags, the ArmorLP’s simplified in-line security closure seal provides innovative tamper indication signals to detect all known mechanical, chemical and thermal methods of compromise.

DUALOPQ - Biodegradable Dual Pouch Security Deposit Bag

DUALOPQ Deposit Bags are biodegradable opaque security bags that help cut deposit preparation in half. Place cash in top (9" x 12"), checks in bottom (9" x 5"). Single deposits are easiest to transport and record.

Deposit Bag Size:Dual Vertical Pouches: 9" x 12" Top & 9" x 5" bottom
Numbering:6 Digit Serial w/Bar Coding; Bag & Receipt
Capacity:1-2+ Bundles
Adhesive: High Strength Poly-Acrylic; 4.5 Gauge Max.
Construction:Opaque 3 Layer Co-Extruded Outer Shell, Low Density Polyethylene
Shell Thickness:0.0025 Gauge
Seal Construction:Max. Security Combo; Pouch & Side Seam Seals
Tamper Evident Indicators