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Deposit Ticket Loss Prevention Features

Deposit Ticket Loss Prevention Features

Our deposit tickets meet or exceed industry standards for MICR quality. They are guaranteed to be accepted by your financial institution and are pre-printed with your account number, company name and address.

  1. Separate entries for coin, bills, & checks give a breakdown of entire deposit
  2. Special Instructions printed on the ticket ensures proper ticket usage
  3. Amount total box for MICR processing.
  4. Special MICR coding can link deposit slip, bag and employee to a deposit on your bank statement
  5. Preprinted company information distinguishes different locations & saves time
  6. Multiple Entry lines for cash & checks allow for easy accounting
  7. Deposit collector & verifying personal information ensures accountability accuracy & the ability to trace each deposit.
  8. Convenient reorder numbers allows for easy referencing for quick reorders