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Why Our Coin Bags?

Our coin bags offer all the same high security features as our deposit bags, as well as the following features:

  • Construction Our coin bags are made with a heavy gauge, multi-layer construction. They are manufactured from a 7.5 mil durable, three-layer puncture-resistant outer shell with a high strength double-fold inner sealing service.
  • Strength A triple reinforced handle allows our coin bags to hold over 50 pounds of rolled or loose coin.
  • Compatibility Each coin bag is compatible with coin auto loaders, allowing for the convenience of using one bag for all denominations.

Coin Bags

Our Coin Bags are perfect for businesses that deal with a heavy coin volume, such as vending machines, laundromats and arcades. The bags are of heavy-duty construction, guaranteed to be accepted by your financial institution and meet the new ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and Federal Treasury specifications for high volume coin depository transfers.

Deposit Bag Size:12" x 22"; Single Pouch Coin; Handle
Numbering:10 Digit Serial w/Bar Coding; Bag & Receipt
Capacity:50lbs Loose Coin: Meets new Fed Res Specifications
Adhesive:7 +/- .5 Gauge; Clear Dual High Strength
Construction:Multi-Layer Co-Extruded Outer Shell, LDPE
Shell Thickness:0.0065 Gauge
Seal Construction:Max. Security Combo; Pouch & Side Seam Seals
Coin Bag
  • Security Seal Printing
  • Printed Warning Bands
  • Dual Folding Sealing Adhesive
  • High Strength Poly Bag Welds
  • Coin Auto Loader Compatible